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Chroma Cutlery type 301 designed by F.A. Porsche

I recently developed some kind of addiction to buy nice kitchen knives. Especially chef knives are my favorite. 
Below are some images of my first real knife set. About 15 years ago I bought the Chroma Cutlery type 301 series. Back in the days these knives were all over television. About any chef that had a cooking show used these. And with good reason. The knives are good and they look good. They have a perfect handle and good in balance.
Of course, after such period of usage there are some markings on the knives but they still perform well. 
The type 301 series is designed by F.A. Porsche, the designer of the most successfull Porsche, the 911. 

Knives below:
P-01 Chef’s knife 240mm
P-02 Santoku 188mm
P-05 Carving knife 193mm
P-09 Paring knife 77mm
P-17 Carving fork 190mm
I used to also have a P-10 Tomato knife but it broke.

Keep on eye on for a overview, the table will be updated as new posts are made.

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