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Tuo Cutlery - TC1411 Nakiri 6.5"

Tuo Cutlery – TC1411 Nakiri 6.5″

Tuo Cutlery – TC1411 Nakiri 6.5″ Osprey Series

A second knife from the Tuo Cutlery knife makers. This time instead of a Chef knife, a Nakiri.

Nakiri knife is a traditional Japanese vegetable knife. Nakiri knife is suitable for mincing, slicing and dicing several meat. The Nakiri is a double bevel edged knife with thin blade profile and popular throughout Japan, it is mainly used by home cooks for quickly and efficiently chopping, slicing, and mincing vegetables, fruits, becoming popular knife among vegetarians. At $29 this one is by far the cheapest in the collection, I wonder what it’ll look like in couple of months.

Keep on eye on for more knives to come.