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BARE Knives

BARE Knives

BARE Knives

Another Kickstarter campaign I backed this year. The knife has a unique texture of mountains on the flanks. The looks are really great.
Upon arrival I took the paper test and it failed miserably, it wouldn’t cut at all through the paper. I needed the strop it for 15 minutes on the leather strap with medium compound to get it sharp. So, their first keywords “Razor sharp” didn’t succeed.

Thanks to the concave bevel and mountain structure the food doesn’t stick to the knife which is a great thing. The chopping board stays neat and clean. On the other hand, the concave bevel is kind of crude. After cutting some carrots there’s discoloration of the bevel, hope it’ll go away in time. Because of the concave bevel it won’t be that easy to polish the bezel with a leather strap. After just a handful of carrots the edge needed to be straightened with the honing steel.

It’s made of German X50CrMoV15 steel giving it a Rockwell hardness of 58 HRC. After the first impressions I would think it’s softer than that.

Anyway, time for some pictures:

Keep on eye on for more knives to come.

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