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Odin Viking

Odin Viking : The Viking damascus knife

Odin Viking
Odin Viking

Odin Viking, another Kickstarter campaign I backed a while ago, well quite a while ago. The knife should have arrived in March 2021, so almost one year to late.

Let’s start with the good things. The knife looks and feels amazing. Heavy duty blade with a nice Pakkawood handle. In the blade you feel the layers of the damascus steel. The length of the blade is a standard 21cm chef’s knife but the belly is a bit taller. Nice to scoop up food and to have a bit more space for the knuckles.

Then the bad… And there’s plenty…
First of all the delivery time, 10 months late? Something went terribly wrong in the schedule there. Second the packaging. Never have I received a knife that just sits in a carton box with only on one side some protection. Third, the edge sharpening is done quite brutally. The edge is very coarse and slightly jagged. It is therefore absolutely necessary to grind and polish the edge on a whetstone.

Odin Viking

And fourth, the biggest problem: already visibly in the picture above but maybe even better on the picture below after some polishing of the edge. In three places there is a kind of crack in the iron. Because of this the knife fails miserably in the paper test. But I’m more afraid that these will be week spots in the knife and it might break on that.


I can only hope that Ubutt Design will act accordingly after reading and viewing this.

Keep on eye on for more knives to come.


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