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de Buyer Carbone Plus

Time to throw away the toxic non-stick pans and start a different way of roasting. Namely frying in carbon steel pans.
These types of pans are relatively unknown in Belgium / Europe in normal households. Perhaps the extra work is a reason. You have to burn the pans before you can use them. The pans arrive as bare metal. Before first use you have to “season” them. Seasoning a carbon steel pan means applying a microscopical thin layer of high smoke point oil, like Avocado oil. Then heat up the pan until it truly smokes. Doing this in the oven at 240°C is the best option to have a nice and even seasoning. They should also not be washed in the dishwasher, nor with soap. So I assume that this is a barrier for many people.
On the other hand, carbon steel stands for a healthy all-round pan that does not stick and in which your meat can sear perfectly. Compared to ‘classic’ pans, they are a lot heavier, but lighter than cast iron. For example, a Demeyere non-stick pan of 26cm weighs 1030gr. The Carbone Plus version of the Buyer weighs 1910gr. Another advantage is that these pans are in principle indestructible and therefore last a lifetime. Try that with a toxic Teflon non-stick pan …

After the initial seasoning the skillets start to get brown. After more use they should become completely black, that’s when they perform the best. Looks like it’ll take some time, and maybe I even need to start over again. Time will tell…


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