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Thomas Kook

Thomas Kook

Thomas Kook

Another knife arrived, also from a Kickstarter project.

On the left side the knife looks quite ordinary. A basic chefs knife with a classic handle. Until you look at the other side.

The idea of this knife is to add an embossed line on one side of the knife. That line pushes away whatever you’re cutting. I must say it actually works. This makes cutting an onion a lot neater.

Downside of the knife was that it was really blunt. You couldn’t cut anything with it. Had to sharpen it on the whetstones, giving it a complete new bevel. It felt like it was sharpened at > 30° so I changed the angle to about 18° wich makes it feel a lot sharper.

The blade is made of X50CrMoV15 giving it a hardness of 57 HRC.

Keep on eye on for more knives to come.