Comply Truegrip Pro Premium Tips

Comply Truegrip Pro Premium Tips

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These memory foam eartips are finally arrived. Yes, the UPS priority mailing took exactly 30 days… Where’s the priority in that?

Anyway, about the tips. They’re absolutely amazing. The sound difference is huge. I found myself pushing harder and harder with the regular tips to get a tight fit. After all I mentioned in the review of the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless II that they need a pure clean fit to give a nice rich bass. Well, with these body temperature memory foam tips the ear canal is perfectly closed while giving a greater comfort. These should be delivered by default. Especially when you take the price of the Sennheiser Momentum in considiration. For only $19.99 they deliver not 1 but 3 sets of tips, all in the same size. Because the ear canal is perfectly sealed the bass is a lot richer and warmer, I even adjusted the equalizer wich I had set for higher bass before. Also the external sound sealing is better, now I can’t hear anything at all while listening to music.

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