Urban Exploration, PHP and others…

Pass2PHP and Floorplan v3 for Domoticz

It’s been a while since I posted something here. For the urbex photo fans, I’m sorry but I don’t get out exploring that often anymore. Busy renovating the home.
Anyway, here’s an update of my Pass2PHP advanced automation for Domoticz. The Github repository is now combined with the Floorplan files so you’ll get everything in one place.
On the Domoticz forum there’s a huge topic about it where other people help each other getting started or add stuff.

Why v3? I changed a lot in the code. There was a huge switch from PHP APCu cache to a MySQL database. Almost all the code is rewritten for that.
The biggest advantage of this is that all device data is always and everywhere available in one big array. This gives a lot of extra freedom to automate stuff without worrying about system resources.
So, get over to the Github repository to fetch the files or watch some screenshots of the Floorplan below.

Floorplan heating
Floorplan media
Floorplan Bose Soundtouch
Floorplan others