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Byebye Dropbox, welcome

Since couple of months there’s a new cloud synchronization – backup app on the net:, I discovered it recently.
Copy has all the features from Dropbox and adds several nice things to them.
1: you instantly receive 15GB of storage, when you use the link at the bottom you’ll even get 20GB!
For now, the referall bonus is 5GB. Thanks to some friends I already have 55GB cloud storage space.

Schermafbeelding 2013-08-27 om 18.28.30

2: the fair storage savings is so nice:

What is “Fair Storage?”

We believe in a simple concept of fairness. Everyone paying for the same data they are sharing doesn’t work for us. We think that’s like going to dinner together and everyone having to pay the entire bill. People sharing content should equally divide the amount of storage being used. With Copy, you can split the bill. So a 12 GB folder shared between 3 people only counts as 4 GB per person.

3: alltough the copy agent uses slightly more memory, on modern computers this shouldn’t be a issue, the performance is worth it. I’ve been looking at the performance for several days, Dropbox and Copy with exactly the same files and differences to sync. Copy was ready syncen wile Dropbox was still indicating ‘starting’. Dropbox performed really good with a small amount of files, not for +50000 files.

4: Next to share and sync a folder with a friend you have the option ‘view only’. Nice for giving people the opportunity to watch content without them being able to change something.

So, what are you waiting for? Give a try at